The Soulsetters Rockin' Blues Band

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Rockin' Blues

Funky Blues

Electric Blues

Jazzy Blues

Jumpin' Blues

Swingin' Blues

Bluesy Blues

Hog Town Blues

In the late 60's The Soulsetters was the geneis for a group of musicians who played with some of the top bands in Toronto's music scene. 


After a lengthy hiatus, drawn together again by a common musical history, the Soulsetters got together to reminise and jam.  It wasn't long beore they were asked to start performing live gigs and doing the things they enjoying doing: entertaining people.  The three origional members of the Soulsetters (Mike Rende, Norm Stenoff and Mick Acerra) added another deminsion to their sound with the blues harmonica of Andre Fredette.